Higher Education Consulting -        Help with all your nursing & allied health program needs!
Pricing is competitive and can be handled by the hour, by the specified job, or by the month. 
Program and Curriculum Design - Expertise includes developing programs that meet current regulations and recommended quality standards.    
          LPN/LVN pre-licensure (generic)
          LPN/LVN – RN (Associate Degree) and/or
          LPN/LVN – BSN (Bachelor’s Degree)
          RN – Associate Degree (ADN)
          RN- BSN (Bachelor’s Degree) and/or
          RN-MSN (Master’s Degree)
          BSN (Bachelor’s Degree)
          BSN-MSN (Master’s Degree) and/or
          BSN-DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice)
          MSN – (Master’s Degree) w/specialty options
          MSN-DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice)
          DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice)
          Online and Blended programs
          Also a variety of other programs in health, professional education and other areas.
Assessment & Evaluation -
I am highly experienced in creating assessment programs and assisting nursing programs to integrate successful evaluation of their programs.  Assisting faculty to trend and interpret program results and then to act upon those results (follow-through) is very important to a programs continued success. 
Some of the assistance available includes:
  • Writing and/or editing learning outcomes including: institutional 
          learning outcomes (if needed); program learning outcomes (PLO’s);
          course learning outcomes (CLO’s); and leveling weekly learning outcomes. 
  • Writing and/or revising systematic program evaluation plans.
  • Compliance Planning. 
  • Assisting with aggregated qualitative and quantitative findings
          and organizing these findings to create evidence.
  • Writing and/or editing assessment tools to support the nursing program.
          Helping the faculty to set reasonable expected levels of achievement
  • Faculty Development & Coaching.  Including creation and delivery of
         faculty development programs targeted toward faculty teaching excellence,
         their responsibilities to program quality and accountability and faculty service
         to the community and the school. 
  • Coaching new program directors, chairs and deans as well as
          providing ongoing mentoring support.
  • Working with faculty to examine and understand teaching/learning,
          learning styles, classroom management, and expanded roles.
  • Accreditation & Regulation.   Assistance with both  NLNAC & CCNE    
           (National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission) &
           (Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education) in obtaining initial
           accreditation and maintaining existing accreditation.   Also assistance in
           dealing with regulartory boards such as state boards of nursing.
  • Assistance and organization of accreditation self-study including 
          time lines.
  • Faculty and student training related to upcoming accreditation visits.
  • Mock accreditation preparation.
  • Assistance and organization of board of nursing reports including
          board visits, corrective action planning and rule compliance.
  • Program Document Support.  Some examples include but are not limited to:
                   Nursing faculty handbooks
                   Preceptor handbooks
                   By-laws documents
                   Student handbooks
                   Clinical guide books.
                   Organizational Charts.
                   Various templates.
                   Master syllabi.
                   Resume/vita model formats.
                   Strategic Plans.
                   Policies, procedures and practices.
                   Concept and/or course mapping.
  • Interim Leadership.  I have widespread experience leading and managing programs at the local (campus) and national (corporate) levels and can offer interim leadership to cover in unexpected absences and other needed times.
  • If you do not see the service you desire, please contact me at: 913-558-5141.
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